The Noteworthy introduces you to interesting people, the places they go and the things they love. It's a collection of their favourite places to eat, drink, shop and play in Edmonton, Alberta.

Edmonton is full of fascinating people that are surprisingly accessible and happy to share their story. We'll be introducing you to someone new and highlighting noteworthy places and things along the way.

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Take Note: We have said farewell to The Noteworthy, but the archives are still live with plenty of interesting Edmontonians you can read about.

Gillian Thomson, Founder and Editor

Gillian has always been in awe of people who have a unique story to tell, are bubbling over with passion for what they do, or have an unconventional path to success. The Noteworthy acts as a tiny window into their world allowing her to learn what they do and where they go.

Having carved out an interesting path to success herself, Gillian finds inspiration (if not validation) meeting others doing the same. Gillian became a licensed hairstylist while earning her degree in chemistry to fulfil her dream of making hair products. While doing just that, she was introduced to the world of design and went back to school to study graphic communications. Since 2011, she has been sharing her favourite Edmonton discoveries on City and Dale. The connections she made through City and Dale inspired her to start The Noteworthy in 2014. 

Portrait by Carmyn Joy Effa.


Meredith Bratland// Meredith recently moved back to Edmonton and enjoys discovering the local arts and culture scene. When she isn't traveling for work or pleasure, she enjoys creating with pen or paint, reading, cooking, and playing outdoors. Meredith is a communications professional and freelance writer. Her travel lifestyle blog for curious and adventurous folk is


Tineke de Jong// A lover of life and happy wife, Tineke de Jong is all about dreaming big and enjoying the journey. Tineke's passions include expressing her creativity through writing, painting, jewellery making and more (which means starting a lot of projects and then leaving them around the house half-finished). She also loves trying new things, marketing and advertising, festivals, family and sharing both hugs and quality time. Tineke loves her community and believes that happiness is highlighted through inspiring people and encouraging relationships. You can find her on Twitter: @dreamerdejong


Jennifer Lavallee// Jennifer Lavallee lives in the Edmonton region with her three kids, husband, and a wiener dog named Bruce. When she’s not hiding from her kids in a closet, trying to quietly write, you might find her reading a book on Napoleon, golfing, or watching a rerun of Seinfeld. Jennifer is a regular contributor to the Morinville Free Press Newspaper, several Edmonton-based magazines, and oh-so interesting articles on the web. You can find her on twitter: @unlockingideas