Big Dreamer// Kim Quibell

She’s been an Oilers Octane Member, a Chedda Head, a Media Real Estate Coordinator, and Safety Services Business Development Officer amongst other titles, and now Kim Quibell has officially transitioned to full time entrepreneur as one of Edmonton’s social media darlings.

If you had any question of her passion for social media, you only have to look as far as her wrist. The blue outline of the twitter logo is what Kim chose to get as her first tattoo while on a girls’ trip last year. This girl is serious about getting social.

Born and raised in Edmonton, Kim is passionate about her community. There’s a good chance that you’ve seen Kim's huge smile across the room at a local event or business. If you haven’t yet met her in person, it’s likely that you’ve heard of her on twitter, promoting and supporting local people, businesses and events.

Shop Local is her mantra and Kim lives it on a daily basis as the owner of YEGTweetup. Kim, and former business partner Steve, opted to take online connections offline, creating events and opportunities that encourage Edmontonians to connect with each other and local businesses. Now a sole proprietor, YEGTweetup is nearing its third year and Edmonton tweeps are just as passionate as they were when the business started.

Kim’s recent transition into full time entrepreneurship solidified that she is indeed a big dreamer. This Edmontonian continues to show through her actions the importance of supporting local.

Kim’s Big Dream

Kim would love to be able to do her job from anywhere, without worrying about getting another job. This freedom would allow Kim the opportunity to fulfill her dream of travelling the world and running her business from a beach.

In the next five years, Kim will:

  • Expand YEGTweetup to a point where she will have employees.
  • Move from her condo into a house, ideally in the similar area that is close to family and has a big back yard.
  • Hopefully be thinking about marriage and kids.

What helps Kim achieve her dreams and goals:

  • Passion, people and persistence: not only her family and friends, but also the community of people who have also made the leap into entrepreneurism and who have encouraged her.
  • The fact that she’s fully jumped into her business and there’s no safety net – there is no turning back.

Kim’s mentors:

  • Kim’s Dad, the entrepreneur, and her Mom, the hardest worker, have inspired Kim’s work ethic.
  • Alva Shewchuk from EPS Foundation and her predecessor, Sandra Woitas. Sandra really encouraged her (and still does) while she was growing up and working in a dollar store and Alva has been a great connector and friend.

Kim is reading:


Good to Great by Jim Collins


Kim’s favourite things about Edmonton:

  • Kim loves all of our different festivals. Her favourite time is the few weeks in the summer that include the Taste of Edmonton, K-Days, the Street Performers Festival, Heritage Days and the Fringe Festival.
  • The fact that the city steps up to whatever the challenge may be.